Listen To The Rhythm Of The Falling Rain

Yesterday night we fell asleep listening to the cries of a local Mexican singer looking for love. This morning we woke up listening to people spitting on the street and/or couhhing their lungs out (I hope that’s all that came out). When we opened our eyes we also saw that it was raining. We didn’t need to do any sightseeing so we didn’t mind the little drizzle. We prepared for today’s destination: ‘San Cristobal de las Casas‘, a decent 5 hour drive from Salina Cruz.

Along the road we saw many beautiful mountains and animals. We also came across a windmill park which was huge!! It was fun to see that the forests start to get really thick and tropical. With the low hanging clouds, heavy rain and grouping birds it gave the ride quite a mystic feeling.





When we arrived at our campground ‘Rancho de San Nicolas’ it was still raining and as there are only so many things you can do inside a car whilst it’s raining outside we decided to go and visit the centre of the town in our rain coats.



Luckily we didn’t need them for very long as it cleared for a moment when we got into the city centre. At the grand plaza we learned that a sticker in Mexico is called a ‘estampa’ and that wrist bands woven by the locals only cost 3 pesos each. So we each got one reflecting the Mexican colours. Fitting in with the locals (not really but you know … the feeling counts), we ended up in a local taco bar where we got the most delicious hamburger and Patrick ordered beef tacos and got a whole collection of sauces and decorations along with them.




Feeling full and satisfied we ordered a taxi back to our campground (it had started to rain again plus it was getting dark and we’ve been warned for snakes in the area). When we arrived safe and sound we lifted ourselves into the tent where we could hear the rain tapping on our roof. It’s probably the most famous singer in town these days :).

Oh, listen to the falling rain

Pitter pater, pitter pater

Oh, oh, oh, listen to the falling rain

Pitter pater, pitter pater

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