Careful With That Axe

We had a lazy Sunday morning at the ‘Finca Magdalena’, eating our own sandwiches (with Nutella – worth it’s weight in gold) and drinking a coffee. Unfortunately Marijke wasn’t feeling so great today – so we did not have a very active day. We started with playing some card games – ‘Gloom’ remains a favourite after 2 months on the road (it’s not like we have many other options of course… :))!


After a few games we headed out to the beach – only to find the road blocked by a tree that had fallen down in yesterday’s storm. Not after long ‘un hombre’ with an axe turned up and we helped him to clear the road. After 15 minutes the job was done. We thanked the man and he thanked us in return for the support. We continued on the bumpy road and got to the main road without any other surprises.



We had a nice walk on the beach in the sunshine and came across some goats that were enjoying their Sunday afternoon.






As Marijke was pretty exhausted after that, we drove back to the campground. Yesterday we arrived in the dark and now we could actually see how steep and rocky the road actually is! Our faithful companion Rodrigo drove up the road without any issues. On days like today, it’s nice to have a V8. Actually that counts for every day here!


Back at the campground, we played some more games and took some pictures of the birds and the plants. We’ll have an early night to recover and then start thinking about what to do tomorrow. As we have to pick up our laundry tomorrow evening, we are confined to another day on the island. However with the beautiful nature and volcanoes in the background it’s not really a punishment. It’s hard to believe that they are seriously considering digging the Nicaragua Canal (as competitor and alternative to the Panama Canal) through ‘Lago de Ometepe’. Maybe this beautiful lake will be a major shipping route in a few years?







Careful, careful, careful with that axe, Eugene

2 responses

  1. Hopelijk voelt Marijke zich snel weer helemaal toppie. Al 2 maand weg, we missen jullie maar genieten mee van jullie avonturen. Chique parkeerskills, Pat, niet slecht zo op die ferry 🙂

    1. Dag gittie, Marijke is er weer helemaal bovenop! Hopelijk lukt het parkeren (in een container) even goed binnen een week of twee in Panama!

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