Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

One thing we have not mentioned yet about Colombia is the large number of mullets we have seen. They say the eighties are coming back… well they have arrived in Colombia for sure. Apart from that, we have to say that people in Colombia are very nice and helpful. They like to talk to us a lot, but unfortunately we are struggling a bit with our Colombian Spanish which is making us very good listeners but very bad conversation partners.


Today we also got to see a different side of Colombia. After driving through the mountains around Medellin, we arrived in the valley of the Cauca river. This area is home to the most fertile lands in Colombia and we drove past miles and miles of sugarcane plantations. The road trains that transport the sugarcane to the factory are quite impressive – the roads are even specially designed to accommodate them.


Marijke felt like some Asian food for lunch, which is notoriously hard to find in Colombia. We pulled over and set up our gas stove to boil water and eat the pot noodles that we bought a long time ago.


The change of scenery today was welcomed by both the driver and the passenger. We managed to cover 400km today thanks to the excellent (but expensive) toll roads.


The navigation was set for the town of ‘Popayan‘ and around 3:00pm Rodrigo rolled in to the abandoned streets. Due to major road words around our targeted hostel we drove around a bit to get to the car park. We had some time left to explore ‘The White City’ and a cup of coffee on the central plaza finished off a successful day of driving!


Sweet dreams are made of this

Who am I to disagree

I travel the world and the seven seas

Everybody’s looking for something


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