A Thousand Miles To Fall Down At Your Door

Based on our own diagnostic, we suspected something was wrong with one of Rodrigo’s 8 cylinders. The first diagnostic today seemed to confirm that – cylinder #7 was misfiring for some unknown reason. We left the car at the Toyota dealer for more checks – and given the long lunch break (12:30 to 4:30pm) we only got the car back around 9:00pm. For some time the car was completely blocked as well, as our Peruvian alarm went bonkers. Unfortunately the problem with the engine was not fixed yet, as the small dealership in Jujuy did not have the time or the (skilled) resources to work on Rodrigo. They made us an appointment for tomorrow in Salta – about 100km away. If you read this message and want to send your love and best wishes to Rodrigo, please leave us a comment (Patrick needs it for his mood :)).


So – with only 1.000 miles left to Buenos Aires we are currently stranded. We did however have some time to get to know Argentina a bit better! Did you know that you can buy Coca-Cola Life here? It’s Coca-Cola with stevia instead of sugar and you can only get it in Argentina!


Dinner is not served in Argentina until well after 9:00pm, so we were happy to follow the afternoon snack tradition and indulged in the best pie we’ve eaten since leaving Belgium!


Tomorrow we drive to Salta (don’t worry, Rodrigo will make it) and hope for better news! More pictures of sitting in Toyota waiting rooms and eating in shopping malls? Or happy people driving down trouble free down the highway? Only time will tell!
And I would walk 500 more

Just to be the man who walked 1000 miles

To fall down at your door

3 responses

  1. Hey globe trotters,
    Ik hoop voor jullie dat het enkel een kapotte gloeikaars is of iets dergelijks. Na meer dan 11.000km zijn die laatste 1500 een peulschil voor jullie. Succes!!!
    Dikke knuffels, ook voor Rodrigo! 🙂

    1. We geraken wel in Buenos Aires – al is het aan 50 km/u 🙂 . Marijke zal de knuffel aan Rodrigo overhandigen zodat hij snel weer beter wordt.

  2. Veel Beterschap Rodrigo !!!
    Breng de chauffeur en z’n co-piloot veilig op bestemming, nog even volhouden 🙂

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