Relax, Take It Easy

Sometimes you need to go with the flow. As our laundry had to dry in the morning, we couldn’t leave before noon. Since we had planned to drive 500km today we decided to take the day off and spend the day at the campground.

Whilst Marijke was reading a book, Patrick collected the coordinates of good campsites further down the road. At noon we indulged ourselves with a delicious lunch at a local restaurant. We had ‘ceviche’ and ‘mariscos’ with some of the best potatoes we’ve ever eaten – not really surprising when you know that potatoes are originally from Peru!


By the evening we were completely relaxed – apart from a small crisis-moment when Patrick could no longer find his credit card (false alarm!) – and enjoyed an episode of Breaking Bad.

Tomorrow we get back to business and start moving back on the road.

Took a ride to the end of the line

Where no one ever goes.

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