Working On The Rail Road

Monday morning so back to work! Today we took Rodrigo in for having the ignition coil replaced. We drove to the Toyota dealer in Buenos Aires as we had an appointment at 8:00am. Thankfully they had the spare part in stock, so Rodrigo could be fixed in a day. Below you can see a picture of the part that has been replaced and how it was temporarily fixed MacGyver-style with duct tape. It cost up about 100 USD for the new part and the installation – with a free car wash and Toyota coffee mugs on top.


While Rodrigo was in the shop, we took the train back to the city center to sell the books that we are not going to take back home. It took us a 50 pesos taxi ride, a visit to 9 bookstores but finally we sold the lot for 70 pesos – seriously less than what we were expecting but then again it was the only bookstore in town that wanted to take them and we didn’t want to carry them for another 5 blocks. That’s a total profit of 20 pesos… about the cost of a cup of coffee. Anyhow we were happy that we did not have to dump the books in the trash and that someone someday will buy one.


We had lunch in the city and took the train back in the afternoon. Notice how the Argentines are queueing for the train! Very civilised!

With Rodrigo back in action, we’ve decided to continue to Montevideo in Uruguay!
Johnny he worked on a railroad
A poundin’ on iron and steel
Workin’ his way out West now
The only sure thing’s his next meal

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